Surprise: Borderlands 3 runs better on standard PS4 than on Xbox One X!

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After focusing on Borderlands 3’s PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions, Digital Foundry’s video game experts analyzed the standard PS4 and Xbox One S versions of the blockbuster Gearbox shooter. The results of DF’s comparative test reveals a surprising fact to say the least.

On the basis of the analyzes carried out by Digital Foundry and summarized in the video that you can see at the bottom of the news, in fact, the problems of Borderlands 3 confirmed in the days that preceded the release of the Gearbox looter shooter are confirmed. Not only: Always according to the tests carried out, it would show an ‘ atypical graphics and performance superiority of the versions “basic” PlayStation 4 and Xbox One compared to well perform better on PS4 and Xbox One X Pro.

With equal resolution, in Performance mode the mid-gen consoles, in fact, have the same quality of textures as the standard consoles and, although reaching 60fps, suffer from frequent declines in framerates that negatively affect the gaming experience offered. These problems are further accentuated by choosing to play in Resolution mode, especially on Xbox One X where the declines in the framerate impact the gameplay of the sessions driving the vehicles and using the ECHO menus.

To determine this situation to say the least singular (according to DF, it is the first time that a similar event happens) should be the not excellent care that the authors led by Randy Pitchford would have placed in the optimization of the title on the “premium” versions of Sony consoles and Microsoft of this generation. Through a sound injection of patches, therefore, we should see significant improvements both instability and fluidity achievable in Resolution and Performance modes.