The zombies infest Red Dead Online: soon announced the announcement of Undead Nightmare 2?

Undead Nightmare 2

An increasing number of Red Dead Online players report having noticed the presence of disturbing zombies among the locations explored in the Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer border.

To give a body to the rumors on Undead Nightmare 2 we think the users of the video game forum of Reddit with images that portray these creatures that, apparently, are limited to observe the players, as if to wait for the beginning of a mysterious event that should take place soon in the online dimension of RDR2.

The original version of Undead Nightmare , known here with the title of Terror from the Underworld, has transformed the first Red Dead Redemption dedicated to John Marston into a horror dimension populated by creatures of the underworld , but also by monsters, aliens and from ghosts that have contributed to giving further impetus to the masterpiece of Rockstar Games for PS3 and X360.

In view of the enormous success of the first Undead Nightmare, the sighting of the zombies in the open-world universe of Red Dead Online with the appearance of horror glitches can only fuel the hopes of those who would like to re-immerse themselves in this universe in dark colors exploring the Frontier of Red Dead Redemption 2, recently enriched by the update with the Professions.

Another Zombie Lady in the Swamp from RedDeadOnline