Total War Saga: Troy, the announcement video unveils the new Creative Assembly strategy

Total War Saga

The leaders of SEGA and the authors of Creative Assembly confirm the rumors of the past few days and officially present A Total War Saga: Troy, the next chapter of their iconic series that blends the RTS elements with the turn-based management of the greatest empires of the past.

Inspired by Homer’s Iliad, the new strategic blockbuster of the English masters of the genre will focus on the Trojan war to allow us to explore every solution available to the factions in the field, thus giving us the opportunity to observe them both from the Greek and from the Trojan perspective.

Thanks to accurate historical research and to the monumental experience acquired by the guys at Creative Assembly, the new chapter of the Total War series will try to decode the myths and legends to reveal the underlying reality and aspire to realism. During the main campaign, we will be able to impersonate one of the eight heroes of the two city-states of Ancient Greece and build their own empire using all the tools at our disposal such as strategy, political art, diplomacy and, of course, war.

From a purely content point of view, Total War Saga: Troy promises to offer us even larger maps, an artificial intelligence of the most advanced units, a more realistic physics engine, graphics characterized by richer particle effects (especially in the screen representation of the flames) and lots of improvements in empire management and tactics to use in battle. The launch of the title is expected in an unspecified period of 2020, first on the PC and then on macOS and Linux.