Apex Legends: the “code leaf” error is now just a bad memory

Apex Legends: The Competitive Struggles

With Season 2 of Apex Legends not only Wattson and the legendary L-Star machine gun was introduced, but also an annoying mistake that haunted thousands of players for long weeks.

The now-famous “code: leaf” error, which reported to the main screen a few moments after entering the game ruining the experience both for groups of players and solitary users, seems to have finally been solved. The correction of this problem has taken place in a very silent way, to the point that to discover it has been the same users in the last days after having started playing without any error and then reading the list of the problems solved on the official Trello of Apex Legends.

Before you return to fight in the Arena, we remind you that in the last few hours there were the first sightings of Crypto in the Canyon of the Kings and the developers officially announced Season 3 of Apex Legends with a trailer dedicated to the new legend and containing the launch date of the next wave of content.

Have you already unlocked the Mirage skin for Twitch Prime users?