Borderlands 3: a new hotfix system loot cave and simplifies some quests

Borderlands 3

During the afternoon, the first Borderlands 3 hotfix was published by Gearbox Software, waiting for the software house to be ready to distribute a patch that solves the main problems of the looter shooter.

Unlike traditional updates, hotfixes do not require any patches to be downloaded and in order for them to be activated, the title must be started with the console or PC connected to the internet. The hotfix in question does not correct the framerate problems encountered by some users but mainly aims to end once and for all the loot cave of Borderlands 3 discovered by the players, thanks to which it was possible to accumulate a large quantity of high-level loot of their own as happened in the first Destiny.

Among the other changes made to the game, we find the simplification of some quests and the increase in the range of activation for some New-U Stations, or the very useful checkpoints. There is also a reduction in the damage of some Torgue shotguns and a slight adjustment to the frequency with which the Eridium appeared in some areas of the map, allowing users to accumulate large quantities in a very short time.

Before leaving you to the complete changelog, we remind you that in the last hours new Borderlands 3 VIP Codes have been published, useful for obtaining weapons and cosmetic DLC in a totally freeway.

Did you know that the Halloween event will be revealed in today’s Borderlands Show?