Control: did the exclusive PC Epic Games Store cost over 9 million euros?


The latest financial data from Digital Bros, a company that owns the entire 505 Games publisher, contains an interesting entry that allows us to understand how much Control’s exclusive PC for its digital store cost Epic Games.

The balance sheet shows a figure of €9.49 million derived from the agreement with Epic Games, updated as of June 30, 2019. The documentation states that ” the revenues generated by the sale on Epic Games Store relate to the video game Control “, to June 30, however, the game was not yet on sale and this is the only 505 Games title published on the Epic marketplace.

The 9.49 million euros mentioned, therefore, seem to come precisely from the exclusive agreement signed with Epic Games, but it is not clear how the figure between 505 Games and Remedy has been divided. We also do not know if the house of Fortnite and Unreal Engine paid more than usual in this case or if they are standard figures for an exclusive agreement.

Certainly it is not a sum of little consequence, such a flow of money has certainly helped to cover part of the costs of production of Control. The figures shown have not been confirmed by Epic Games, Digital Bros, 505 Games, and Remedy.