FIFA 20 day one broken in Italy: reports and sightings in stores

FIFA 20 for PS4 Free Trial with EA Access Confirmed

FIFA 20 is available in early access for EA / Origin Access subscribers, but the new football game Electronic Arts are not yet on the shelves and will not be officially on until September 27th (September 24th for the Champions and Ultimate editions). Like every year, however, the hunt for FIFA opens at Italian retailers.

The moment we write, no store (chain or independent) seems to have broken the day one of FIFA 20, GameStop’s social media channels, Amazon and other national retailers have been assaulted by users who ask for information on the advance sale, no testimony, However, the purchase has reached this moment.

For our part, of course, we will continue to monitor the situation and will constantly update the news, and therefore, we also await your comments on the matter! Have you already managed to buy a copy of FIFA 20? You can leave the testimonials in the space below here dedicated to comments, but we invite you to do not post photos of receipts, names of salespeople, shops and any store phone numbers.

At present the only way to play FIFA 20 from today is to be subscribed to EA Access / EA Origin Access, service subscribers can download the full version of the game and have fun for a total of ten hours without limitations.