Firewall: Zero Hour free two extra content for PS Plus subscribers


Firewall Zero Hour is one of the most popular and sold PlayStation VR games of recent times, to thank the players of this success Sony has decided to give two exclusive content to all PlayStation Plus subscribers, now available for download.

Through the PlayStation Store, the PS Plus service subscribers can now download the Lil ‘Jag Ornament and the Trinket Days Gone to use in Firewall Zero Hour for PSVR.

Ornament Lil ‘Jag

Show your personality: add decoration to your main weapons with the Ornament Lil ‘Jag. Available for free this month only for PS Plus subscribers!

Trinket Days Gone

Show the world that you know the “Dead Road”. Customize the weapon with the emblem of the Mongrel MC, the band of Days Gone ™ outlaw bikers to which Deacon St. John belongs.

We do not know until these two objects remain available, so we advise you to take advantage of it immediately if you are interested, in order to avoid arriving late. Although these are not elements capable of influencing the gameplay, these two extra objects will surely contain the (number) players of Zero Hour Firewall.