Fortnite x Batman: sighted the Dark Knight pack!

Fortnite x Batman

The Rift leaker has revealed the existence of a new Fortnite package dedicated to Batman as part of the Fortnite x Batman event. The DLC dedicated to the Dark Knight should soon be available on all platforms at a price of 19.99 euros.

The package Batman The Dark Knight of Fortnite will include a Human skin Bat, a cloak to be used as a decorative back, a hang glider, and the Batarang, the latter already spotted at stake in recent hours. For the first time, it seems that a Fortnite bundle is only made available in exchange for money and it is not possible to buy it using V-Buck.

The Fortnite x Batman event was unveiled by some data miner analyzing the files of the last Fortnite update released in the middle of the week, the event will probably start by the end of September, at the moment however Epic Games has not confirmed anything yet. What is certain is that the one with the Dark Knight would be only one of the many collaborations launched by Fortnite in recent years, after the events dedicated to Avengers EndGame, Avengers Infinity War and Nike Jordan, just to name a few.

Waiting to find out more, let’s remember that in the last few hours the first skins of Fortnite Season 11 were leaked, the new season of the Battle Royale will start in mid-October, so there is still time to find out what the developers have in store for or months autumn.