Fortnite x Batman: the event trailer arrives on September 21st!


After a long series of rumors and speculations thanks to the work of the data miner, Epic Games has confirmed the collaboration between Fortnite and Batman, which will be officially unveiled tomorrow with a trailer.

The video will be published Saturday, September 21st at 8AM ET, on the occasion of Batman Day. It is not clear if the event itself will start tomorrow or if we should wait a few more days, in all likelihood the Fortnite x Batman crossover will start next week at the same time as the debut of the next Battle Royale update, ideally planned for the 24 or 25 September, at least according to the “classic” timetable.

Recent rumors also suggest the arrival on the digital stores of the Fortnite Batman package The Dark Knight for sale for 19.99 euros and containing a skin of the Dark Knight, the Batarang and a cloak to use as a back. Tomorrow we will certainly know more about the contents and the departure date of the Fortnite x Batman crossover event.