Fortnite x Batman: the highly anticipated event starting tomorrow?

Fortnite x Batman

That the Fortnite x Batman event is coming is now clear to everyone, after the data miners leaked various information about what could be one of the most ambitious collaborations with regards to Epic Games’ battle royale.

There has been an undeniable decline in Fortnite’s popularity over the past period, also due to the abandonment of Ninja and Tfue, so only the Dark Knight could revive the fortunes of the hugely popular videogame.

Yesterday the challenges were leaked Welcome to Gotham City, all naturally Batman-themed, although it is currently unclear whether the various gadgets that will serve to complete them will be available in all game modes or only in the Limited-Time mode.

Batarang also appeared on the map, an unmistakable sign of the presence of the Batman. But when will the real event begin?

Many bet tomorrow on Fortnite x Batman starting date, presumably at 3:00 pm (GMT +2). Not only is it, in fact, a weekend, the perfect time to launch a new event, but practically all of Fortnite’s collaborations were launched at that very hour.

What’s more, tomorrow is Batman Day, the day dedicated to the character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939, so what better day for Fortnite x Batman’s debut?

We’ll see. What do you think? What do you expect from this new event?