GTA 5 on Rockstar Launcher: fixed the bug that prevented from playing offline


The launch of the Rockstar Games Launcher has created some problems for the players, including a bug in Grand Theft Auto 5 that prevented them from playing offline, forcing users to always be connected to start a game. It is (must) be a known problem, now solved.

The FAQ page on the Rockstar Games website warns that this technical problem has been definitively solved, to go back to playing offline with GTA V you can just start Game Launcher, log in to your account and update Grand Theft Auto 5 to the latest version available, necessary step to install the most recent patch that eliminates the bug of the online forever.

Rockstar Games Launcher was made available at the beginning of the week on PC with the aim of becoming a real control center for managing Rockstar Games games, by downloading the client players will receive a copy of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, yours forever, once added to the library.

Many have speculated about a possible connection between the Rockstar Launcher and the arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, at the moment, however, the company has not announced a Windows port for the game and therefore these are simple speculations to be taken with due precautions.