Here are 8 new Super Mario Maker 2 levels dedicated to The Legend of Zelda

Super Mario Maker 2

As you know by now, the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is finally available, and Nintendo has made it big to promote the game. It is indeed a true masterpiece, released on Game Boy in 1993, which many want to rediscover or play for the first time.

La Grande N has been able to give new life to the title with a special redesign that makes it visually very appealing.

As mentioned, Nintendo is relying heavily on the title, and having celebrated its launch by spreading a splendid Zelda-themed illustration on its official Twitter profile, here is also using another of its highly appreciated products to pull the Link’s Awakening remake: Super Mario Maker 2.

In fact, eight new The Legend of Zelda themed levels have been shared, which you can now try and play in Super Mario Maker 2. It is not clear at present whether it was Nintendo itself that created them or only approved them, but in any case, it is a fun way to get the game back on track.

In the image at the bottom of the news, you can see a preview of the eight new levels and the codes to access them. What do you think?

Super Mario Maker 2