Is there a GTA Online challenge with bonus for Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC: incoming announcement?

Rockstar: Red Dead Redemption 2 for 24 Million Copies Distributed; GTA 5 to 110

While on the web there are those who wonder about the problem of the GTA 5 online after requested the installation of the Rockstar Games Launcher, from the GTA Online community, comes yet another clue to the development of the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 and, therefore, of his imminent announcement.

To feed the rumours on the increasingly probable PC version of the big western blockbuster of the Grande R is a new challenge discovered by a GTA Online player. Through the pages of the ResetEra videogame forum, the enthusiast of the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto 5 has in fact shown an in-game screen of an activity that refers directly to RDR 2.

The challenge in question is to complete a series of 25 kills with a stone ax to unlock a digital dollar prize from GTA and, surprisingly, exclusive access to the same weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2, even if the title continues to be an exclusive console.

Despite the discovery made by the user it could be a simple mistake committed by the designers of Rockstar Games in the drafting of the lines of code and text of this challenge which, plausibly, should also be active on PS4 and Xbox One, the growing number of clues on the development of RDR 2 on PC does nothing but feed the hopes of those who dream of exploring the Frontier with a mouse and keyboard. Did you also run into this unusual challenge playing on PC at GTA Online? Let us know with a comment.