Nioh 2: the new gameplay images show a splendid devil of the Dark Kingdom


After showing us a 4K gameplay with Nioh 2 boss fight, the Team Ninja guys propose us new game images that portray, among other things, one of the fearsome Yokai that we will face as the hero of their next soulslike fantasy in exclusive on PS4.

Without taking anything away from the famous daimyo Oda Nobunaga and the images that immortalize him to confirm his important role in the plot of Nioh 2, the undisputed protagonist of the new screens on-screen by Japanese authors can only be the provocative devil at the helm of the Flaming Chariot , the means used by this demonic being to transport the souls of the damned into the Dark Kingdom .

The battle that will keep us busy against this fearsome Yokai will be just one of the innumerable challenges that we will face as the hero of Nioh 2, thanks to which we will be able to hone our abilities and acquire ever more lethal demonic powers with trying to make a little less steep the learning curve of this project.

Team Ninja’s new role-playing action, on the other hand, promises to offer an extremely high challenge rate and to challenge soulslike enthusiasts, if we consider that the recent Nioh 2 TGS demo was only completed by 5 % of the players who were able to try it in the stands of the Japanese fair.

Before leaving you to the images at the bottom of the news, we remind you that Nioh 2 is destined to arrive on PS4 during the first months of 2020 : those who love this kind of videogames experience, however, will be happy to know that they can participate in the Open phase Beta of Nioh 2 to be held on PS4 from 1 to 10 November .