On Twitch Prime from today you can give loot to the streamer game


Twitch Prime, the Amazon-owned streaming platform, has just launched a new rather interesting feature for gamers. This is the possibility of giving Loot, the in-game loot, to the streamer, who can then decide to give them to simple users, even if they are not Prime members.

“You have just received an upgrade to your Amazon Prime subscription. Now you can share some Twitch Prime loot with the community and give viewers who are not yet a Prime subscriber, a preview of some of the great content they can expect from Twitch Prime. starting today, Prime members can give away up to three copies of Dauntless’s loot, which unlocks the armor st Desperado, the purple coloring, the Outlaw title and a package with 30 Patrol Chests. Keep an eye on the arrival of another loot to give in the coming weeks, including World of Tanks, Rainbow Six Siege and much more”, reads the post in which this new possibility is described.

And if for now, we limit ourselves only to Dauntless, we are sure that already with Rainbow Six Siege many will want to experience the new functionality of Twitch Prime.

What do you think? Are you happy with this update?