Outer Wilds for PlayStation 4 spotted in Korea, upcoming announcement?

Outer Wilds Will Also Be the Exclusive Epic Games Store

The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea have evaluated the Outer Wilds for PlayStation 4, thus revealing the existence of a port dedicated to the Sony console.

Join the space program!

Take the role of the latest recruit of the Outer Wilds Expedition, a very recent space program in search of answers within an enigmatic solar system that is constantly changing.

Mysteries of the solar system …

What dwells in the dark bowels of Dark Bramble? Who raised the alien ruins on the moon? Can the eternal time loop be stopped? The answers await you in the most dangerous crevices of space.

A world in constant change

The planets of Outer Wilds are full of secret environments that change over time. Visit an underground city before it’s swallowed up by the sand or explore the surface of a planet as it crumbles under your feet. On each secret, they guard hostile environments and natural catastrophes.

Equipped as a space hiker!

Fasten your hiking boots, check your oxygen reserves and prepare to venture into space. Use a wide range of unique devices to explore the surroundings, trace mysterious signals, decipher ancient alien alphabets and roast the marshmallows to perfection. “

Outer Wilds was launched on May 29th on Xbox One and the next day on PC via Epic Games Store, publisher Annapurna Interactive has not yet confirmed the arrival of the game on PlayStation 4.