PES 2020 Guide: how to make goals in reverse and scissor

PES 2020 Demo

The goal is inverted or scissor kick is one of the most spectacular technical gestures that can be seen in the game of football. In this mini-guide of eFootball PES 2020, we explain to you how to do it in the new Konami football title, showing you the combination of keys and the right timing required.

To make goals in reverse in PES 2020 you will need to do some practice, but by following our instructions in this mini-guide you will be able to get the first concrete results in a short time.

How to make goals in reverse and cut in PES 2020

Making an overturned or scissor goal in eFootball PES 2020 is all a matter of timing, without position and precision. As you can see in the video proposed in the opening, it is possible to score a backward goal in different ways: stopping the ball first, with a kick in mid-air after a long throw, with a classic overturned after a cross.

In all cases, the commands to execute an upside-down goal are always the same. First of all you will have to identify your teammate who will have to perform the upside-down, serve it with a high pass or a cross inside the penalty area (Circle / B + direction), and immediately afterwards start loading the shot in advance (Square / X), shortly before the sphere reaches our player intent on doing the upside down. By guessing the timing and the right height of the ross, you will be able to conclude a net in reverse or a cut.

The more your player has a high shooting value and precision, the greater the chances of scoring in reverse. If you need more tips for PES 2020 moves and abilities, you can read our mini-guides explaining how to perform Finesse Dribbling, new skills like Chest Stop and Reverse Elastic, not forgetting the new controls for Knock on, Veil and Roulette.