PlayStation VR Mega Pack: Sony announces new autumn bundle with 5 PS4 games

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From the pages of PlayStation Blog, representatives of Sony Interactive Entertainment officially present the PlayStation VR Mega Pack, the new autumn bundle with PS VR and five PS4 games in which to immerse themselves strictly in virtual reality.

In the new PS VR Mega Pack, available for purchase from the main Italian retailers during this fall, a PlayStation VR viewer and a rich selection of titles will be included, which will include some of the most important video games in the PlayStation 4 “compatible” game library with PS VR.

Through the code present in the Sony bundle autumn voucher, it will be possible to download the digital versions of the excellent Astro Bot Rescue Mission platform , the VR version of the iconic open-world role-playing game The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim , the subjective survival horror Resident Evil 7 Biohazard , the sports-themed party game Everybody’s Golf VR and the PlayStation VR Worlds collection . The latter in turn includes five virtual reality experiences where to meet a white shark, explore the wreckage of a space station, dart through the traffic, survive a futuristic sport and become the protagonist of a thriller between London gangsters.

Waiting to know the autumn launch date and the indicative marketing price of the PlayStation VR Mega Pack for PS4, we leave you with the reviews of the games in the bundle that you can see in the links in this article.