Pokémon GO: the new Star Dust Explosion event coming?

Niantic Ends Support for Android Kitkat for Pokémon Go and Ingress

Niantic may have accidentally revealed the arrival of a new event on Pokémon GO. In fact, during a videoconference, someone forgot to delete the list of future events, thus allowing the presence of a Stardust Blast to be leaked for October 3rd.

The event is known in Italian as Explosion of Star Dust, and it is, as one can easily guess, dedicated to this particular resource, which in the period in question will be more easily obtainable.

The video of the conference in question went online on Twitter, where it was then suddenly canceled. However, a Reddit user called CaptainTeem000 managed to take a screenshot of it, which ended up quickly on the net, and which can be found at the bottom of the news.

Appointment therefore to October 3 for the new event of Pokémon GO, unless Niantic decides to change the date given the accidental nature of the leak.