PS5 and VR: according to Yoshida, Virtual Reality “still has a lot to learn”

Sony and the Nextgen: Backward Compatibility Will Be the Key to PS5's Success

During a long interview granted to Japanese journalists from GameWatch, the boss of SIE Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, discussed the future prospects of VR on PS5 to offer us his point of view on the evolution that should make Virtual Reality with the advent of the next-gen.

Without referring directly to PlayStation 5 and the virtual reality viewer that will take place at the current PS4 PSVR (which will still be fully compatible with PS5), the high manager of the technological giant of the Rising Sun explained very clearly that ” I think that once the experience with the hardware has been improved, the experience offered by VR will also improve .

Still on the next-gen perspectives of VR and, consequently, on the interactive offer that will be provided by PlayStation VR 2 on PS5, Yoshida reiterated the concept stating that “I realized that as soon as I started with VR I had to to learn a lot because I could not act as if I were on a normal game on a TV We had to follow many guidelines for the dangers related to its use, but with the ingenuity of the developers we were able to overcome those problems. made us think about how much our knowledge of VR has grown in the last three years”.

In March of this year, SCEE America’s director of technology, Dominic Mallinson, reiterated Sony’s desire not to launch PS VR 2 at the launch of PS5 but at a later date: in this intermission phase it will still be possible to use on PlayStation 5 the current version of PS VR.