RAGE 2: a short movie shows in action a powerful skill of The Advent of the Ghosts


A few days after the arrival of the Advent of the Ghosts, the first major expansion for RAGE 2, Bethesda and Avalanche have published a short trailer that shows on the move one of the skills we can use by purchasing the DLC: Empty.

This new power that the protagonist of the first-person shooter can use consists of a sort of Darth Vader-style grip, through which we can have fun moving our opponents around the map and then “shooting” them to a surface to make them explode. Among the other innovations of the DLC, we also find a new enemy faction, the Laser weapon in Feltrite and a new vehicle with which to sow death and destruction in the Wasteland.

Before leaving you to the gameplay video, we remind you that the Advent of the Ghosts will be available starting next Thursday 26 September 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Anyone in possession of the Season Pass will also be able to download the DLC in question without additional costs, while all the others can purchase it individually.

Have you already read the complete list of the contents of the Advent of the Ghosts? With one of the latest updates, the New Game Plus was also introduced in RAGE 2, a feature particularly requested by fans.