Resident Evil: Project Resistance, Kawata describes characters and gameplay


In an interesting Q&A published on the official PlayStation blog, Masachika Kawata – Resident Evil producer: Project Resistance – had the chance to talk about the game and to explore some of the issues that emerged during the Tokyo Games Show 2019.

After the presentation of the game, the fans bombarded the trailer for Resident Evil: Project Resistance with a series of negative votes, disappointed by Capcom ‘s decision to dedicate itself to producing a cooperative spin-off rather than a new chapter in the wake of the great success achieved by Resident Evil 2 Remake. Masachika Kawata then explained the team’s reasons, indicating as a primary factor the desire to combine the co-op mechanics with choral actions along with the typical atmosphere of the Resident Evil series, with the aim of giving an interesting gaming experience. The producer also specified that, although the version viewed at the TGS 2019 was focused on the online, the game will also feature an offline mode based on story and narrative component. Furthermore, he stressed that Project Resistance is not a remake of Resident Evil Outbreak, as complained by fans, but a completely new game.

The questions then focused on the characters and how to exploit their features in the gameplay. Kawata described the role of the Mastermind, the criminal mind that works for the Umbrella Corps and kidnaps the citizens forcing them to face the zombies scattered around the map, in order to analyze the data and develop research on the virus. In the demo scene at the TGS 2019, the Mastermind was played by Daniel but it will be possible to choose between different characters, each with unique skills. The same mechanism will also be applicable to survivors, with new skills and characters that will be introduced over time. In the last part of the interview, Kawata focused on balancing the two opposing factions: some players complained about the extreme difficulty of beating the Tyrant in the role of Mastermind. Instead, the producer pointed out that it is always possible to beat an enemy, using the properties of the map and focusing on the characteristics of the survivors, as well as on the possibility of playing as a team.

In short, Resident Evil: Project Resistance seems to be much more than a simple emule of titles like Dead by Delight.