Shinsekai Into the Depths of Capcom is available on Apple Arcade


With the debut of Apple Arcade on the iPhone, Shinsekai Into the Depths, Capcom’s underwater adventure now available for all subscribers to the newborn service, also appeared in the catalog.

Shinsekai Into the Depths (initially mistaken for Deep Down) is an adventure set in the depths of the ocean that will lead the player to clash with gigantic creatures capable of putting even the most experienced divers to the test.

With Shinsekai Into the Depths Capcom proposes a “hit and run” title suitable for use on the move but no less demanding, an AA console production now available on iPhone smartphones. The Osaka house speaks of a game capable of ” demonstrating Capcom’s artistic and technical abilities in the mobile and other fields “, a veritable showcase of the potential of the new mobile engine developed by the company that gave birth to the com series. Resident Evil and Devil May Cry.

The game is not for sale on the App Store but accessible only to Apple Arcade subscribers along with another 100 titles (including LEGO Brawls, Rayman Mini, The Pathless and Hot Lava), the first month is free, after the trial period the subscription costs 4.99 euros per month.