Star Citizen: everyone working in the mine with the new gameplay video!


In the future outlined by Cloud Imperium Games you will not live by space travel alone, or at least this is what the guys in the team led by Chris Roberts suggest in the new video game of Star Citizen focused on one of the many activities that we will carry out in this immense skiing universe -fi.

Among the many tasks that we will have to perform to gain experience, resources, equipment and information during our interstellar pilgrimages in the free-roaming dimension of Star Citizen there will, in fact, be mining.

The explanatory video proposed by Cloud Imperium Games illustrates this activity and its implications both in playful and purely content terms with a wealth of details. If to get the raw materials present inside the caves of planets, satellites and asteroids it will be enough to go in person to the place and use a futuristic “laser drill” similar to the one supplied to the silent explorers of No Man’s Sky; speech about the mining activities to be carried out in the space from the bridge of your own spaceship .

And yet, we can only look at the entire digital work of Roberts with growing perplexity, seeing how they work on this gigantic project, financed with more than 230 million dollars, continues to proceed slowly: the 3-month postponement of the Beta of the campaign Squadron 42, in fact, is only the last of the postponements that the authors led by Chris Roberts have decided to carry out in these years, so much so as to make the development roadmap of Star Citizen extremely fluid (not to say “useless”).