Switch Lite: Nintendo’s official unboxing video

Nintendo's official unboxing video

Nintendo of America has released a short unboxing video of Nintendo Switch Lite, a console sold worldwide today at a price (in Europe) of 219.99 euros, slightly higher than the $199 (excluding taxes) recommended in the United States.

Kit & Krystal, the two presenters of the Nintendo Minute column, organized a picnic in the park to “unbox” the new Nintendo Switch Lite in blue and yellow. The video allows you to take a look at the contents of the package and to admire the device closely, which presents itself with a compact and at the same time solid design, designed to be used on the move without difficulty. In fact, Nintendo Switch Lite loses the possibility of being connected to the TV, as it is not compatible with the Switch dock, and the controls are integrated and no longer detachable as in the standard model.