The authors of Skullgirls publish Indivisible’s opening animation sequence

Indivisible's opening animation sequence

Following their promise to show us the entire animated sequence that will embellish the intro of Indivisible, the authors of Lab Zero publish the introductory video of their ambitious scrolling action with role-playing elements.

The video in question is the fruit of the collaboration sanctioned in recent months with Titmouse and the animation studio Trigger : the splendid animated sequence of Indivisible catapults us into the fantasy dimension of this GDR to make us wear the shoes of Ajna, the girl we will have to play for help her carry out her important mission.

The various enemies faced by Ajna in the animated introduction of Indivisible represent only a small fraction of the enormous array of demons and unscrupulous knights that we will have to cross on our way and with whom we will have to clash to feed the mysterious power awakened within her.

Through the acquisition of the abilities of the enemies faced, our intrepid alter-ego will be able to put order in the chaos that dwells in his soul and make use of the powers of the reincarnated souls that he will have defeated to discover which road to take before his world falls definitively under the dominion of the forces of evil. Furthermore, each setting of Indivisible will be drawn by hand, and with them the animations and polygonal patterns of each character on the screen.

The promising Indivisible roleplaying action is scheduled for October 11 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.