The creatures of MHW Iceborne invade Animal Crossing in a splendid fan made project


As a big fan of the Monster Hunter and Animal Crossing series, the digital artist Sam Santala has tried to reimagine the creatures of MHW Iceborne to transform them into the future Villager of New Horizons, the next chapter of the iconic Nintendo series coming to Switch in the early months of 2020.

Drawing on the experience gained over the past few years through the precious collaborations with RARE and Ubisoft, Santala has attempted to reinterpret thirsty creatures from the Pristine Branches and other fantasy kingdoms of Monster Hunter World after the advent of the Iceborne expansion.

The artist has thus redesigned each of these ancestral beasts to give him the decidedly more friendly appearance of the Animal Crossing Villagers. The commendable work done by Sam Santala quickly made the rounds of the world, gathering the praises of video game enthusiasts on social media and, above all, of the community of fans of the legendary series of Capcom and Nintendo.

Before leaving you to Santala’s tweet that includes all of its Iceborne characters recreated in the style of Animal Crossing, we remind you that the glacial expansion of Monster Hunter World is already available on PS4 and Xbox One and will be available in January also on PC. Also for next year, and more precisely for March 20, 2020Animal Crossing New Horizons will be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch.