The FIFA 20 players have managed to form the Avengers team … more or less!


No one can beat the Avengers, not even Thanos. EA and Origin Access subscribers are also well aware of this and have finally been able to get on the digital fields thanks to FIFA 20 Advance Access which began on September 19th.

So why not create a square entirely composed of the most powerful heroes in circulation called Avengers FC? Unfortunately, the real Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and company do not play football, so they had to make do with what passes in the convent. There were no doubts about the attack: the Brazilian Hulk, a militant in the Shanghai SIPG, proved to be the obvious choice. The Swede Niklas Busch Thor and the Englishman Ashley Barnes (surname of the Winter Soldier) will work alongside him. Among the midfielders is the Finn Oliver Antman, a militant in the Nordsjælland, Danish top division team. The rest of the three-midfield is completed by Dynamo Dresden’s German ChrisLöwe and from Josh Key of Exeter City (fourth division English!), Ended up there only because their last names pronounced one after the other remember Loki … that, to be honest, is not even an Avenger.

There is quite a bit of Parker in FIFA 20, but in the end, the American Tim Parker of the New York Red Bulls was chosen … after all, the friendly neighborhood spider just comes from the Big Apple. To adequately replace the most beloved Avenger ever, Iron Man, it took three defenders: in addition to Niklas Stark, who plays in Hertha Berlin, the Englishman Finley Iron (who is actually a goalkeeper) and the Romanian Dennis Man. Finally, we reach the last bastion of the team, the extreme defender: who better to say Kieran Lee, who shares his surname with Stan Lee? He is a midfielder in real life, but in the Avengers FC, he has to defend the goal!

This jumble of players, some of them out of the role, is probably not able to go very far in FIFA 20, but it certainly has a certain charm. If you have 10,000 FIFA Coins (this, moreover, the asking price on the transfer market) in surplus, now you know what to do with it!