The sci-fi ultraviolence of the soulslike The Surge 2 star of the launch trailer

The Surge 2

The Deck13 boys count the days that separate them from the release of The Surge 2 by publishing the launch trailer for their ambitious soulslike in which we are shown the ultraviolent side of this combat action system for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Accompanying this trailer full of gameplay scenes with splattered salsa splits we find David Muller’s statements: the Deck13 Concept Artist entertained the curators of PlayStation Blog to discuss the art style chosen to shape Jericho City, the dystopian megalopolis that will be the backdrop to the battles fought by our alter-ego.

According to Muller, in fact, “it was a challenge to combine the world of The Surge 1 with the new corporations, weapons, and factions that outline The Surge 2, especially as regards the design of characters and equipment. Everything had to be new and at the same time family”. As for the gameplay mechanics, the author of the German studies also adds that “we had to devise new ways to combine the current hand-to-hand combat system with shooter mechanics and the latter with Jericho’s post-industrial design City “ .

The release of the title is scheduled for September 24 on PC (without the controversial Denuvo DRM ), PS4 and Xbox One.