Apex Legends Season 3: changes to the classification system of the Classifieds


In the last few days, Respawn Entertainment has finally removed the veils of Season 3 of Apex Legends, which will kick off on October 1st by introducing the Crypto legend, a new Battle Pass, the Charge Rifle weapon and the Class 2 Series Series.

After the announcement, the developers focused on the second series of Ranked, which will introduce some important changes to the scoring system. To begin with, Respawn has decided to increase the number of assignable points, which will range from 10 PCs (Competitive Points, or Ranked Points in the original) for players who rank ninth and tenth, to the 100 PCs of the winners. This will give them more flexibility in the assignment.

In addition to that, they decided to include assists in the killing score – with assists, we mean the act of inflicting damage to an opponent up to 5 seconds before it is landed. The assist can only be assigned to the allies of the killing player, and it will not be possible to perform either a kill or an assist on a single opponent. The limit of the new killing/assist system will remain 5 per game, but a placement multiplier will be added, as shown in the table below.

As a result of the increase in assignable Competitive Points, the entry costs will also be increased :

  • Bronze matches will continue to be free
  • Silver games will cost 12 PCs
  • the Gold games will cost 24 PCs
  • Platinum Games will cost 36 PCs
  • Diamond games will cost 48 PCs
  • the Apex Predator games will cost 60 PCs

What do you think of the new system? We take the opportunity to inform you that on October 18th two physical editions of Apex Legends for PC, PS4 and Xbox One will be published: Bloodhound Edition and Lifeline Edition.