Apple Arcade: will exclusive games be released soon on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch?


Now that Apple Arcade is officially available, 9to5Mac colleagues have tried to find out the limits and opportunities offered to development houses that have signed an exclusive agreement with the Cupertino company to launch their games on the new Apple Arcade service.

After a careful analysis of the terms of the exclusive agreements sanctioned by the authors of the games already arrived (or coming soon) in the digital catalog of Apple’s subscription service, the authors of 9to5Mac say they are certain that no software company interested the publication of the respective video games on PC or home consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch has been prohibited .

The terms of exclusivity of Apple Arcade, in fact, should apply only and exclusively to mobile platforms: again by virtue of these agreements, developers cannot offer their games on other subscription services. In doing so, the possible landing on PC and console of the games currently offered exclusively on Apple Arcade could take place only “at full price” , without being included in the catalogs of PS Now, PlayStation Plus, Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Games With Gold. These restrictions should also apply to any free-to-play titles, and this always taking into account the impossibility of seeing these games landed on the App Store for iOS and on Android mobile systems via Google Play Store.

The most emblematic example is represented by Sayonara Wild Hearts: the sparkling Annapurna pop album is in fact also available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, as well as “exclusive” on Apple Arcade. Waiting to receive a final confirmation of the information provided by the 9to5Mac curators, we remind you that on these pages you will find our guide on how to subscribe to Apple Arcade for free for a month and a study by Giuseppe Carrabba on Apple Arcade games.