Borderlands 3 is getting ready for Halloween: all the details on the Bloody Harvest event!


During the recent episode of The Borderlands Show, the Gearbox team offered new and interesting details on post-launch support plans dedicated to Borderlands 3, starting with Halloween-themed initiatives!

To celebrate the scariest holiday of the year, the third installment of the saga, recently launched on the gaming market, will indeed host a special event: ” Bloody Harvest “. All gamers can take part freely: the content is, in fact, part of the free initiatives provided by Gearbox for Borderlands 3 post-launch support.

For the duration of the initiative, the Crypt Hunters will be able to come across various themed details. Onboard Sanctuary III, for example, players will have to deal with peculiar ghostly enemies, which will populate the deep space. The latter, reports Gearbox, will be the ” key to access a specific map for the event “. Defeating a spooky enemy, however, could lead to the appearance of a Phantom: by getting in touch you will be hit by the “Terror” debuff, among whose effects we find a reduction in the view and accuracy of your videogame alter-ego. But not only: the special map of Bloody Harvest will include several dangers, including threatening flying lanterns, ready to hit you with powerful flames! Waiting for you, also a boss-fight, which will see you facing the “Baron of Bloody Harvest”, a particular version of Captain Traunt, named Captain Haunt. Finally, new Halloween-themed aesthetic components are planned.

At the bottom of this news, you can find some images dedicated to the event: what do you think? Bloody Harvest will make its debut in Borderlands 3 during the month of October, but the development team has not yet provided the public with a specific date for the debut of the event.