Control’s atmospheres immortalized on PS4: here are the best shots selected by Sony

Control's atmospheres

Remedy Entertainment’s latest production transports players into the mysterious Oldest House, which serves as the site for the activities of the Federal Bureau of Control.

A place in which numerous mysteries are hidden, which users will have to try to understand and reveal in the role of the determined and courageous protagonist, Jesse Faden. Game full of atmosphere, Control was selected by Sony as the focus of the latest edition of Share of the Week, a periodical contest dedicated to in-game photography organized by the gaming colossus. The gamers who have immersed themselves in the exploration of Oldest House on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro have therefore been challenged to immortalize the surreal settings that populate the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control.

Among the images shared by PlayStation users, six shots were awarded as winners of the new Share of the Week edition. The protagonists of the in-game photographs are extremely different: some immortalize particular chromatic combinations created between environment and characters, while others have chosen to reward Control’s fascinating and surreal settings. At the bottom of this news, you can find all the winning images: which is your favorite?