Destiny 2: Unstoppable Jotunn due to a bug, it will be disabled in the new Raid

Destiny 2 for PC:

The jötunn, the particular rifle exotic fusion of Destiny 2 whose explosive shots follow the enemy, it is a few days become the weapon not only more hated by the Guardians in PvP, but also by developers in PvE.

A funny bug allows players to get an extremely high damage multiplier when hitting a target from a short distance. If this enhancement, clearly not wanted by Bungie, increases the damage on the console by double, the situation on the PC is out of control and every shot inflicts about 8 times the value of a normal bullet of fire hit. Since the weapon, which is obtained randomly by completing the last forge of the Black Armory, is in the hands of most players, the developers have decided to disable it in the next Raid oncoming with Shadows from the Deep, or the Garden of Salvation. The incredible amount of damage inflicted on the bosses would cancel any kind of challenge and risk ruining the competition between the teams that will try to do everything possible to be the first in the world to complete the raid.