Epic Games Store: client roadmap changed again

Take-Two: We Will Publish a Few Exclusive Storms on Epic Games Store

For Epic Games the problems in the support of its digital store continue, whose users will remain for quite a while without the possibility of using the most requested features such as the shopping cart, the wish list and much more.

In the last few hours an update by the developers on the state of work on the client has been published and, apparently, the roadmap of a few weeks ago will not be respected and during the GDC 2020 plans on the future will be finally revealed more concretely of the Epic Games Store and the timing of the next updates. Meanwhile, the Fortnite creators’ shop has been updated with the possibility of buying bundles, a feature that made its debut with the six Batman titles on offer this week.

In short, to find out how the service that is trying to attract the greatest number of exclusives will be evolving by competing with Steam, we will have to wait until next year, to be precise, the days that go from March 16th to March 25th.

Did you know that during the last few hours the price paid by Epic to have the exclusive on the PC version of Control was revealed?