Fortnite X Batman: here is the official trailer of the event, available challenges and skins

Fortnite x batman official

Exactly as promised yesterday, Epic Games has just released the official trailer of the Fortnite X Batman crossover event, which has been talked about in recent days thanks to the clues scattered around the map and the numerous leaks.

Among the main features of the event, we find the possibility of taking a tour in Gotham City, the new Point of Interest on the map that has taken the place of the Slit Zone called City Pinnacles. During the event, it will also be possible to use special gadgets like the Batarang and the Bat-Claw, two of the main accessories among those present in the Dark Knight’s arsenal. There is no shortage of timed challenges entitled Welcome to Gotham City, through which you can get levels of the Battle pass, a hang glider, an icon, and other cute exclusive items.

Speaking instead of skins, players will be able to buy a packet sold for €19.99 in the game shop containing the classic batman costume and its version interpreted by Christian Bale. In the shop objects, it is instead possible to buy the Catwoman skin at the cost of 1,500 V-Buck and a series of themed emotes, pickaxes and hang gliders.

Here are the contents of the Hooded Crusader Package in detail :

  • Batman Cartoon Costume
  • Decorative back Batman Cartoon Cloak
  • The Dark Knight Film Costume
  • Decorative back Film Cloak The Dark Knight
  • Batman pickaxe
  • Batwing hang glider

Before leaving you to the video, we remind you that Fortnite Season 11 skins could be Halloween-themed and, to reveal it, are some posters taken from data miner thanks to the last update of the battle royale.