Fortnite X Batman is approaching: has a leak revealed the appearance of Gotham City?


Anticipated by a substantial sequence of rumors and advances, the Fortnite X Batman event is official and Epic Games will soon be sharing all the details.

For the day today, Saturday 21 September, the publication of the event trailer by the Fortnite team: Battle Royale is awaited. However, the large community of data miner active on the battle royale is anxious to find out every possible detail about this unexpected collaboration. Among the alleged leaks that are affecting the special event, we find one reported by the Twitter account ” Fortnite Leaks and Info “. The latter has as its protagonists what could be the buildings that will be the Fortnite version of the famous Gotham City.

In twitter, which can be found directly at the bottom of this news, we can observe a complete transformation of Pinnacles City from different points of view. In the shared images, a bright bat-signal also stands out, with which Commissioner Gordon usually requests the support of the Dark Knight. May this be the aspect that Gotham City will assume within the Fortnite world: Royal Battle? To find out, we just have to wait a few more hours.

Pending official information, players can engage in various activities, including the search for the Secret Star of Week 8 of Season 10 of Fortnite.