Fortnite X Batman: unveiled the skins of the Dark Knight and Catwoman!

Fortnite X Batman

There are still a few hours to go until the event Fortnite X Batman, which will transform Pinnacles Pending in Gotham City and introduce new challenges and objects dedicated to the Dark Knight. The data miners, in any case, are always ahead of their time and have already discovered quite a few things.

Hypex, for example, has managed to trace the promotional images of the new skins that can be purchased during the event, as well as the masked bat, as well as Catwoman! You can both admire them in the short clip attached below. The Batman package, which according to another leak will be sold at a price of 19.99 euros, will contain the skin inspired by the Dark Knight brought to the cinema by Christopher Nolan in his trilogy, as well as the Batarang, a hang glider and the cloak with a hood as a decorative back. Catwoman items (skins, grapples, and masks) will probably be sold in the in-game store in exchange for V-Buck.

The same data miner has also managed to find a new object clearly inspired by Joker, the villain par excellence: no precise details are known about it, but it looks like being a time bomb containing some kind of toxic substance. Will it be linked to a new timed mode? We’ll find out in a few hours since Fortnite X Batman’s presentation is scheduled for 2 pm (GMT +2) today, September 21st.