It was only a matter of time: the first Nude Mod by Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is available

Sekiro Shadow Die Twice Costume Pack Mode

From Software Software kolossal souls boasts one of the most active modder scenes on PC. After several months of the launch of the title, we are witnessing the publication of the first, inevitable Nude Mod by Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

The author of this project is the amateur developer known as “ApolloHoo”: as suggested by the name of his mod, the additional package in question replaces the polygonal models of the Wolf, Emma and Genichiro to remove all the digital clothing and “lay them out”.

To achieve its purpose, ApolloHoo has circumvented the limitations imposed by From Software through the preliminary injection of amateur tools such as the “Mod Engine” and the “DS3 & Bloodborne Material Pack” : done this, who wants to “undress” the hero and the secondary characters of the role-playing action of the authors of Dark Souls must simply add the “Naked Characters” package to the mod folder.

The polygonal models used by the modder, consequently, come from Dark Souls 3 and cause glitches and visual inconsistencies in the animations of the characters without clothes (except for underwear). The declared intention of its author is however to offer a starting point for those who wish to work on more defined mods. To those who want to enrich their playful experience in the universe in dark shades of Sekiro, we remember finally that some interesting mods are available that allow to “skip the plot” to go directly to the challenges with the bosses of Shadows Die Twice and reduce the level of difficulty.