Link as Overwatch Hero? It features a beautiful fan-made trailer!

Overwatch Hero

Perhaps prompted by the confirmation of the publication of Overwatch on Nintendo Switch, some artists and animators have imagined the possible debut of Link inside Blizzard’s hero shooter.

The team, made up of five people, therefore gave birth to a beautiful fan-made trailer, which reproduces the possible appearance of the Nintendo home hero within Overwatch. With a duration of about a minute, the clip introduces us to the Hero of Hyrule and his equipment. Of course, Master Sword is a must, faithful companion of the brave protagonist of the series The Legend of Zelda, flanked by Link’s powerful shield. The cute trailer also shows our hero in action, in an adult and particularly realistic version, dressed in a decidedly more technological version of his usual tunic. You can view this cute fan-made trailer directly at the beginning of this news: what do you think?

We take this opportunity to remind readers that the Nintendo Switch version of Blizzard’s hero shooter is preparing to enter the gaming market. Overwatch will debut on the Nintendo console the next on the next October 15th. The link will obviously not be present throughout the game, but fans of the Legend of Zelda series can meanwhile rebuild Link’s Awakening for Switch.