Marvel’s Avengers: the original Iron Man black armor revealed in video!


From the pages of the official Marvel Entertainment YouTube portal, the developers of Crystal Dynamics show us the splendid Iron Man armour in the Original Sin version that we can show off by participating in the challenges offered to us by the action universe of Marvel’s Avengers.

The spectacular black and gold combat exoskeleton to unlock by playing Tony Stark in the new Square Enix adventure will be inspired by the Avenger’s armour in the 3.2 “Hulk vs. Iron Man” comic from the Original Sin saga.

The movie made by the Californian developers, however, does not clarify whether this Outfit will be only aesthetic or if, on the contrary, it will allow us to acquire in-game advantages represented by upgrades to the statistics or, why not, by special abilities. Considering the incredible success obtained by Insomniac Games with the formula adopted for the Marvel’s Spider-Man Costumes, we are strongly in favour of the second hypothesis.

For further information, we refer to the trailer that enriches the board on the powers of Iron Man and the special on Marvel’s Avengers from Gamescom, with all the considerations offered to us by Francesco Fossetti on graphics, gameplay and plot from the test offered to us by Square Enix during the Cologne videogame festival.

The Original Sin version of Iron Man’s armour will be available from the launch of Marvel’s Avengers, which we remember being scheduled for May 15th 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.