Nintendo had to struggle to keep the price of Switch Lite so low

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Yesterday, Nintendo Switch Lite has finally arrived on the market, the new Switch family console entirely dedicated to gaming in portability, and offered at a competitive price of 219.99 euros, more than 100 euros less than the base model.

Apparently, despite the smaller size and the lack of video output for connection to the TV, it was not at all easy for the Kyoto home to offer such a low price. This was stated by Takashi Mochizuki, journalist of the Wall Street Journal. In his latest report, he explained that during negotiations with his suppliers, Nintendo was really aggressive and did everything to get the lowest prices possible. One executive, in particular, confessed to having negotiated with the Kyoto house for months and months.

Nintendo, which has always relied on TDK Corporation to supply lithium batteries, even turned to a second supplier for the same component, Murata Manufacturing. The target? Put the two companies in competition and get them more competitive prices. According to the report, in any case, TDK still represents the main supplier.

Will Nintendo Switch Lite be able to establish itself on the world market and convince gaming lovers of portability with this price? We’ll find out soon.