Pokémon GO: Mewtwo returns to the EX Raids in October with the Shadow Ball move


Niantic has announced that the Pokémon Genetic Mewtwo will return to the Raid EX of Pokémon GO on October 5th. For the occasion, he will be familiar with the powerful Shadow Spectrum type ball attack. The lucky ones among you will even be able to come across its shiny variant!

The tickets with an invitation to Raid EX will be distributed starting at 22:00 (GMT +2) on September 25. To receive it, you will have to win a raid in a suitable Gym. To find out if it can host EX raids, check out the details of the Gym. If you can triumph in a suitable raid and receive an EX raid invitation, you can find out the date and time to challenge Mewtwo on your EX raid ticket.

Furthermore, know that challenging Mewtwo will not be a simple undertaking at all. You will have to take advantage of every opportunity, even better if with the help of your friend. Keep in mind that invitations can only be sent to friends for the skin or to best friends, so don’t forget to fight with them, send friendship packages and exchange Pokémon to raise your friendship level.