Pokemon Sword and Shield, open the Dynamax Camera site: possible game clues spotted!

Pokemon Sword and Shield

The videogame community linked to the creatures of Game Freak has made a very interesting sighting! A new website dedicated to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is now available.

This is the Japanese portal Dynamax Camera, on which you can upload your own shots, within which a Pokemon in its Dynamax version will be added randomly. Among the latter, we even find a total of creatures equal to fifty: you can have a preview in the preview image of this same news. As expected, the portal immediately caught the attention of the Pokemon community, which tried to analyze every detail.

In particular, some users have shown that in the group of fifty Pokemon there are also creatures of previous Generations that have never appeared in the promotional material dedicated to Pokemon Sword and Shield. Between these:

  • Aegislash: Sixth Generation Steel / Specter Pokemon;
  • Ribombee: Bug-type Pokémon / Seventh Generation Sprite;
  • Sableye: Third Generation Dark / Specter Pokemon;

Does their presence on the Dynamax Camera portal imply that they will be present in Pokemon Spada and Pokemon Shield?

Another interesting element is instead reported by the user Twitter abcboy, a member of Bulbapedia, who published an intriguing twittering. It appears that the Pokemon on the site are identified with a code name, which could provide clues on the evolutionary line. As you can see in the Tweet at the bottom of the news, for example, Grookey is identified as “Gorilla1”: is that a clue about the possible evolution of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Starters? The Pokemon Polteageistis instead referred to as “Teacup2”: could it be the evolution of a previous Pokemon?

In closing, we remind you that as of now, what is reported by the different users is to be understood as mere speculation: for any confirmations, we look forward to future further official details on Pokemon Sword and Shield from Nintendo and Game Freak!