PS5: more advanced simulations and renderings thanks to the ZEN CPU 2, according to a developer

Zen 2: PS5 Will Be the Most PC-Like Console Ever Existed Thanks to the CPU?

The next-gen moment is getting closer and closer, and more and more questions are asked by the players about what will be the actual potential of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Interviewed by Gaming Bolt, the developers of Tower Five, authors of the strategic action Lornsword: Winter Chronicle, expressed their opinion and their hopes in view of the arrival of the next videogame generation. Taking as a particular reference point the next Sony console, Tower Five declared itself very confident in the merits of the AMD ZEN CPU 2 :

“On current-generation consoles, the CPU is the bottleneck in most cases, and not the GPU, at least for the types of games we do. If we want more accurate simulations and more advanced rendering techniques, then we need faster CPUs. The GPU cannot do everything and many elements it is computing have already been analyzed, put together, selected and sorted by the CPU before being rendered.

However, the biggest challenge before us remains multithreading. Being able to take advantage of all CPU cores. It is much, much easier to run the code on a single core, but in that case, you only use part of what the hardware offers. Having an engine and logical scripts capable of using 6 or 7 cores, at the same time, completely, in parallel: that is the real technical and even scientific challenge”.

In view of the arrival of the next-gen, more and more companies are pausing to reflect on the change that the videogame industry will face: Take-Two, for example, has said it’s about what will become the prices and development costs of future games.