Sea of ​​Thieves: the SoT Italia community will work with RARE to develop the title

Sea Of ​​Thieves

The representatives of the Sea of Thieves Italia community are pleased to announce their participation in the RARE affiliate program organized by the English software house to enable pirate sandbox fans to contribute to the development of the title on PC and Xbox One.

The new RARE initiative involves a total of six Sea of Thieves communities around the world, namely the US, Russian, German, French, Brazilian and Italian. Thanks to the entry into this important affiliation program, fans of Microsoft’s free-roaming adventure will have a privileged communication channel with British authors to offer them all the hints, tips, suggestions and, why not, the constructive criticisms that will help RARE to constantly improve its title.

Waiting to find out what implications this important collaboration will have in the medium-long term, we remind you that the pirate universe of Sea of Thieves has recently accepted an update that introduces pets. The update in question, like all the other expansions of the RARE sandbox, is completely free and is part of the innovations brought by Sea of Thieves Anniversary, the giant patch launched in mid-2019 on PC and Xbox One to coincide with the first anniversary of the title.