The Borderlands series could arrive on Nintendo Switch

Borderlands Game of the year

Yesterday the first episode of The Borderlands Show was aired, a monthly web series focused on Borderlands 3, a title that entered the market just a week ago. During the broadcast, creative director Paul Sage was able to also talk about the saga in general and its possible landing on Nintendo Switch.

In response to the question of a fan eager to explore Pandora with his hybrid console, Sage uttered a few, but significant words: ” Never say never “ . Basically, even if nothing has been announced yet, it seems that the team is really considering the idea of ​​bringing the saga to Nintendo Switch. This is not the first time that Gearbox has opened its doors to this eventuality. The boss himself, Randy Pitchford, already thought of that last April, when he said he would really like to see his series on the Kyoto console.

It wouldn’t be bad to be able to play the entire saga on Nintendo Switch, perhaps starting from the first chapter, already returned to other consoles this year with Borderlands: Game of The Year Edition. At the moment, in any case, there is nothing concrete yet. The only title of Gearbox Software to be published on the hybrid is Bulletstorm Duke of Switch Edition. Speaking of Borderlands 3, the Bloody Harvest Halloween event was unveiled during yesterday’s show.