The female version of Ludens, mascot of Kojima Productions, becomes an action figure

mascot of Kojima Productions

If you love the design of Yoji Shinkawa and have especially enjoyed Ludens, the armored astronaut who serves as the mascot for Kojima Productions, then you can not help but look at his female version license plate Kotobukyia.

The famous manufacturer of statues and action figures inspired by the world of movies, video games and comics has, in fact, announced a new product that, always based on the character created by Shinkawa, transforms it into a woman and gives it a well-defined face. Inside the pack, you will find the action figure equipped with numerous articulations and accessories like a stand, which will help you make the character assume any pose, including that of the Kojima Productions logo holding the flag. Among the various accessories, there are also a rifle, tools to hang on the back of the armor and a mask to cover the face of the girl. The same armor it can be detached from the body of the action figure, so as to leave collectors full freedom to choose how to display the product on their own shelf or desk.

For those wishing to proceed with the purchase, be aware that bookings have just been opened and the product is scheduled for release next March 2020 at a price of around 70 dollars.

About Kojima and statues, on the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show, 2019 other collectibles dedicated to Death Stranding and Ludens were shown.

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Posted by Kotobukiya on Friday, September 20, 2019