Borderlands 3 may not receive additional characters: that’s why

borderlands 3

As the most attentive of you will surely have noticed, in the current Borderlands 3 post-launch support plan, no additional Crypt Hunters are expected, and they probably will never arrive. For what reason?

This was explained by the Creative Director in person, Paul Sage, during the first episode of The Borderlands Show. According to the data collected by Gearbox Software in all these years in the different chapters of the series, it would seem that most players tend to always use the same character, especially the one chosen for the first time at the beginning of the adventure. “We have noticed that people – not really all, but most – once they have chosen a Hunter they want to always stay with it. Furthermore, with Borderlands 3 we focus on diversity within the same character with many different builds. At the time, some people want more, but I do not think is the right way forward, not for Borderlands 3″. He added that in previous games players reached an average level five with additional characters before to back down and return to play with the first choice.

What do you think about it? Would you like to play with more characters than the four proposed in the game? We take the opportunity to point out that during the same broadcast the Borderlands 3 Halloween event was unveiled, entitled Bloody Harvest, and the possible arrival of Borderlands on Nintendo Switch was discussed.